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Small Employers

Small Employer details about the Affordable Care Act (ACA)

The agent that you choose to work with should be looked on as an integral part of your employee benefit team. He should be knowledgeable about more than his products. He should have an understanding about employee benefits in general and should show an interest in your goals and objective. He should also be willing to work with your group health agent. Too many employers put their program together in a piece-meal fashion with one agent handling their group health insurance, another selling cancer and accident insurance and often a third agent selling life insurance or dental/vision insurance. And not one of these agents ever confers with another. In the end your employees may buy unnecessary products that duplicate benefits that you already provide or they do not really appreciate the voluntary benefits as being a part of your benefit plan. Through the National Association of Health Underwriters you can find a highly qualified employee benefit professional that can help you navigate the maze of products out there.

An advisor will guide you through the complex task of choosing appropriate coverage at an affordable cost. The following is what you should expect from a professional insurance agent. Use this checklist to evaluate your current advisor. Your professional insurance advisor should:

  1. Work with you to evaluate your needs for insurance coverage.
  2. Explain the details of different insurance plans.
  3. Make specific recommendations and tailor plans to suit your special needs and budgets.
  4. Review your plans periodically to update coverage and limit costs.
  5. Serve as your advocate and advisor in dealing with insurance companies, doctors and hospitals, and government agencies involving claims, services and regulations.
  6. Help you as a business owner communicate benefits packages to employees and demonstrate how various provisions can complement personal and government financial plans.