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Get a Game Plan

Steps to follow for maximizing your health plan Choice in the Marketplace:

  • Check the network of providers for Doctors and Hospitals. There have been significant changes.
  • Check the formulary lists of covered prescription drugs to verify the co-pays and availability.
  • When considering a deductible, you need to know whether it is per-person (“embedded” with a Family maximum) or an Aggregate of all covered persons on the plan.
  • If you are covering children, does it have the mandated routine dental coverage required by the ACA, or do you have to buy that separately?
  • What is the premium for the plan and if you are subsidy eligible how much will you have as a net payment?
  • What is the rating of the Insurance Company for solvency and customer service?
  • Get help from a Professional Agent. You do not have to do this alone. It doesn’t cost more to have help!